Subjects covered within this book:

Dealing with anger and frustration


Dealing with difficult people

Fight or flight responses

Understanding stress and nervous illness



Antidotes to stress


Sexual abuse




Recovering from post traumatic stress

Understanding post traumatic stress disorder

Combat stress

Shell shock

Battle fatigue

Soldiers heart







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by Andy Gregory GSM

"This is an impressive book that should help service personnel"
Dr Alun D Jones MD BSc DPM FRCPsych
Consultant psychiatrist for traumatised ex-servicemen

Defence In Mind
by Andy Gregory


Andy Gregory
Defence in Mind front cover
Defence in Mind rear cover


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SOLD OUT AWAITING NEW EDITION Decorated former paratrooper, patrol expert and ex-RAF parachute pilot Andy Gregory, who is also trained in the application of psychology, brings to you Defence In Mind, the first military self help book of its kind. Written for all serving or ex-military personnel and their families. This basic training manual of emotional survival brings you all the knowledge Andy has gained during the past eight years and includes his own personal - hard-hitting - traumatic account of his life to date. Simply put, this book is an essential read for anyone with any kind of military experience.

Hi my name is Andy Gregory, a decorated former Special Forces soldier, qualified pilot, parachute pilot, fully trained in Social Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Individual Differentiation, Cognitive Psychology, Bio-psychology and Research in Psychology. I am a father of five children, successful singer songwriter and post traumatic stress and sexual abuse SURVIVOR.

I have written this book for serving military personnel and ex-military personnel and their families to give you all a better understanding of Trauma Survival and to explain the effects that stress and trauma can have on families and loved ones. I have been trained in many skills throughout my life yet no one ever taught me about the serious consequences of stress and the toll that stress can take on the human mind.

I learned the hard way. Read this Emotional Survival Manual from a soldier's perspective and from my experiences gain a deeper insight into trauma survival.

I know that there will be some of you who think you can handle any trauma as you are far too tough. So here are a few facts for you to think about:

So it is imperative that you gain all the knowledge that you can about trauma survival, preferably before you experience any further traumatic situations. So start here in the pages of Defence In Mind and start training on the toughest course you have completed to date. Qualify and become a Trauma Survivor FOR YOUR LIFETIME.

Defence In Mind by Andy Gregory
sold out awaiting new edition.

A contribution from every book sold will go to SSAFA FORCES HELP EMERGENCY FUND. The national charity helping serving and ex-service men, women and their families, in need. Registered Charity No. 210760. Est 1885